Chemical Factory 2.0 

Short-handed in the Gulf Coast? Need more manpower?

Northwest Mechanical has the solution you are looking for!

We have welders, pipe-fitters and manpower available!

What can we offer you?

  • We have skilled pipe welders and pipe fitters available immediately to meet your project needs.
  • We have apprentices, tradesmen, and helpers available immediately to maximize the production of our skilled workers
  • 18 week welding schools with ability to produce 100 new welders in the gulf coast region
  • Hands-on apprenticeship training programs generating new skilled trades every year
  • 36 recruiters in the Gulf Coast.

About Us

Northwest Mechanical has grown from its humble beginnings to one of the largest and most trusted mechanical contractors in the Quad-City area and beyond. You can count on us for your Industrial Construction, Commercial Construction, Automation & Controls and Plumbing, Heating & AC.



Safety is our highest priority. We are a contractor member of ISNetworld and PICS and have received numerous safety awards, such as the MCAA Safety Excellence award.


Our Reach

Our Reach